Thursday, September 7, 2023

The Bolt Action Alliance 2023 Mission Pack (PDF)


Three years ago, we combed through community feedback while updating the 2020 Bolt Action Alliance Mission Pack and realised how widely used the original missions were across our global community. The initial pack was designed to be a set of symmetrical, fair missions that players and tournament organisers could use to test their mettle, were fun, and gave both players an equal chance to succeed. Those missions were community tested over many years and the feedback we received was used to tighten up and clarify those missions.  In the process of rewriting the initial pack I realised that I had notes and ideas that I thought could form the core of a new pack. The feedback and requests that we got from you, the wider community, and ideas found in these notes became the basis of this, the 2023 Bolt Action Alliance Mission Pack. Supply Drop, for example, is a refinement and combination of several of the initial missions that came about because of the notes that we got from several tournament organisers over the years. This new group of scenarios was initially intended to be released in 2022, but we wanted to be as careful and complete with our playtesting as our previous work.  Every mission in this document has been extensively played and has been used in one or more organised Bolt Action events and has been refined using player feedback.  In this pack you will find 6 entirely new balanced and fair Bolt Action missions plus three bonus “fun” scenarios. These bonus scenarios are not as symmetrically designed as the other missions and may not be aimed at strict tournament play. That said, we really like them and we hope you do too.  If you are using missions from this pack in a multiple game event, we recommend that 2 in 3 missions use objectives and 1 in 3 missions award victory according to units destroyed.  As always, we would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to play any of our missions over the years. We would like to say a special thank you to those who sent us their thoughts after playing them. We appreciate it! I would like to thank Bryan Cook for all of his efforts laying the document out into an easy-to-use format and the rest of the Bolt Action Alliance for their continued support. As always, we hope that you enjoy these missions and wish you luck on the battlefield.Brad “Old Man Morin”

You can download the PDF of this document HERE!  

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